Totnes is a Market town which is near the River Dart in Devon it a small town with around 8000 people. It is 23 miles away from Exeter.

Totnes has alot of history going all the way back to 907AD this was when the first castle was built in Totnes. In the present day it is known for its music and colourfulness.

It also has a big new age lifestyle and was voted on of the best towns to live in the world in 2007. Because of how the place is.


There is a tale of the River Dart because every year someone dies in the Rivers. It can now be as many as two a year. The tales goes River Dart, River Dart every year shall claim another Heart.


Written in the Historia Regum Britanniae which was written by Geoffrey Monmouth it was here where Brutus Troy came to shore. In the road of Fore Street there is a stone called the Brutus Stone. It is said to legend that Brutus Troy spoke the following words. Here I am and Here I stand and this town shall be called Totnes. The stone has moved a few times and was once outside the east gate.


Totnes was one of the richest places in England this was because of the Dartmouth clothing and tin trade. It is still a very rich town in the present day.


The Bridge across Totnes and Bridgetown was built it took a total of two years to make the bridge it was made by Charles Fowler


The group the Rivers called the town of Totnes there hometown where they shall always return after death if they are ever reborn. Rivers are a common thing in Totnes they dress in the colour sky blue and can be in groups of five.


The Present Day the Town is still very much active like in the olden days. It is built on the west hill of the River Dart. It also has a bridge across which leads to Bridgetown and now there are two bridges across to each side.

Famous PeopleEdit

Primrose Windsor Member of The Rivers


Dartmouth Inn Totnes

Seven Stars Hotel

Totnes United Free Church