The Seven Stars Hotel is a hotel and Pub in the town of Totnes the seven stars Hotel was built in 1660 in the year 1675 the deeds were gave to someone else. In 1680 the Seven Stars Hotel was then leased by George Rooke who might have been the person who had brought alot more trade to Totnes.


One of the vistors who came to The Seven Stars Hotel was Daniel Defoe in the year 1720 he wrote about the bridge and the hotel and how much he loved staying there.


The Seven Stars Hotel was once again put up for sale by Robert Whiteway he had also been able to refurbish the building. The next person to buy the hotel was Matthew Ham who brought it off Robert Whiteway.

In the Present Day it is still changing and is a very big business in Totnes with it having over a 100 vistors a day and sometimes can be around 200 in the summer.