Welcome to Project Heritage! Whether you have joined English Heritage], work there, or just have no clue about it, it is very important to visitors and english residents alike. As it is so importannt, all articles related to this organisation, these articles should be one of the best articles we can produce. The intention is to make these articles near-perfect, and worthy of featuring on the main page.



  1. Write balanced and without POV.
  2. Do not add any speculation to an article.
  3. Source all information in articles (infoboxes, paragraphs, etc.) with reference tags to relevant source material.
  4. Conform to the layout guide.
  5. Make sure articles have flawless grammar and spelling.
  6. Fix templates and excessive links.
  7. Make sure all quotes and pictures are properly sourced.
  8. Add more pictures to relevant sections.


Use the talk page for discussions pertaining to this project.


If you wish to join this project, please sign your name below with three tildes (~~~), so as not to add the date to the list. Specify your preferred area of work if you have one (copy-editing, images, adding material from a certain book, etc.).

Contributors to the project shall receive a custom "badge" to show that they were a part of this endeavor. Extra badges may be awarded to particularly hard-working members.

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