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Devon is the third largest of all the English counties and has a population of 1,110,000. The biggest city of Devon is Plymouth.


Devon was one of the first places that people started to settle in England after the Ice age. Also Devon has been in on alot of civil conflicts after the norman conquest.


Devon is a big tourist spot which can have many vistors coming to devon in the summer some of the biggest places people will visit are Teignmouth or the town next to it which is called Dawlish other places which get alot of vistors are Totnes and Torquay which can have alot of people. Teignmouth is also the hometown of the rock band known as Muse which have had many hits across the UK.

Famous PeopleEdit

Agatha Christie Famous Crime Story Writter.

Francis Drake Nobel Of Devon

Humphrey Gilbert Famous Solider

Richard Grenville Famous Soilder

Scott Curtis Leader Of The Rivers